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#CJVS 68         


Woodland Birdies #3

             Collect all of Cathy Jean's newest Tartlet #3 Ornaments!  

Ohh how very cute! Stitch Cathy's latest baby Owl, Quail and Woodpecker for your tree, and add to your collection of Tartlets!  All of them are sitting in the snow, waiting for Christmas, surrounded by a wreath of fir boughs separated by tiny red buttons.  She's used shiny tart tins and they look so cute finished that way! Collect all three woodland baby bird charts and finish them all the same way. All ornaments are quick and easy to stitch and finish in our Tartlet Tins available in their own “Tartlet 3-Pack”. In the main Accessory Pack you’ll find all the threads, beads and tiny red buttons! Merry Christmas!

In the olden days, you could always find a Tinsmith working to create candleholders, pails, and other essential tools. Cathy has used the same shiny metal tart tins to finish her ornaments so they look authentically rustic. Stitch all 3 Woodland Babies in this chart and finish using our Tart Tins. In the main Accessory Pack you’ll find all the threads, beads and tiny red buttons and in the Tartlet Pack you'll find three Tartlet tins to help you finish! 

FINISHING SUGGESTIONS: Tart Tin Ornament: Cut a round piece of 4 ply mat board 2 1/2" in diameter. Glue quilt batting on mat board, let dry and trim. Note: For extra loft place a smaller piece of batting down first then the larger piece on top. Center the design over batting side of matboard and anchor with straight pins. Clip curving corners, and glue raw edges on back of mat board. Let dry for 2 - 4 hours. Glue a 1 1/2" x 1" x 3/4" piece of styrofoam in the bottom of the tin. Spread a thin layer of glue on the wrong side of matboard. Place stretched design glue side down inside the tart tin on top of the styrofoam. Let dry 2 - 4 hours. Glue ribbon to back of tart tin for the hanger. Ornament: Cut two pieces of matboard about 1/8" larger than stitched design. Glue quilt batting on each piece of matboard, let dry and trim. Center the design over batting and anchor with straight pins. Clip curving corners, glue raw edges on back of mat board. Repeat on second piece of matboard using a fabric of your choice. Glue both pieces wrong sides together. Glue cording around outside edges to finish off. Making a hanger at the top and tassel at bottom. Greeting Card: apply a piece of iron-on interfacing to the back, trim the fabric to size and insert.


    Woodland Birdie Ornaments : 
Design area: 32h x 33w (2.3”h x 2.35” w)
Model: 28ct Dirty Linen Cashel Linen (Cut fabric: 5.5" h X 5.5" w)

#CJVS68 "Woodland Birdies Acc Pack
(enough to stitch 3 ornaments)

Bundle A 
Gentle Art - Baby Spinach (greens) Gentle Art - Black Crow (blacks)
Gentle Art - Flax (creams)
Gentle Art - Mulberry (brick red)
Gentle Art - Nutmeg (copper)
Gentle Art - Sable (browns med)

Bundle B
Gentle Art - Brandy (golds)
Weeks #1174 - Tin Roof (greys lt)Gentle Art - Maple Syrup (browns med lt) 
Weeks #1298 - Gunmetal (charcoal)
Weeks #2266A - Louisiana Hot Sauce (reds)

Bundle C
Gentle Art - Oatmeal (creamy white) Gentle Art - Woodsmoke (tans)
Weeks #1269 - Chestnut (brown dk) Weeks #2224 - Squash (yellows)
Weeks #2268 - Fire (orange reds)

Bundle D
SJ Designs petite bead #1838 - gunmetal
Micro Mini Round Buttons - red

All Tartlet ornaments are quick and easy to stitch to keep or give as gifts. They are designed with gentle overdyed cottons and many different silks in soft shades. Stitch  and finish in tartlet tins as Cathy Jean did, or use your own imagination! Collect ALL four.. and enjoy stitching your Woodland Babies this Christmas!

 CJCTP - Tartlet Tins

Contains 3 Tart Tins to complete three ornaments in this chart !   

Extra Materials Needed:

  • 28ct Zweigart 'Dirty Linen' Cashel Linen and tapestry needles.   

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