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This section includes all Thea's leaflets with related items like accessory packs listed right afterwards. Enjoy browsing through her many different designs!

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Herbal Sachets Leaflet
CDN $25.44
USD $20.35

Six Fragrant Sachets for your Linens.. or framed for your kitchen! Here are 6 Herbal Sachet patterns, each one more adorable than the last. You can stitch them as sachets, or stitch them into a wallhanging for your kitchen! Enjoy stitching all six Herbal Designs to give as gifts or to frame on your kitchen walls..!
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Herbal Sachets AccPack
CDN $28.72
USD $22.98


Thoughts of You... Leaflet
CDN $17.65
USD $14.12

Gilt edged Pansies adorn these beautiful items to enhance your stitching! White on white stitching enhances the soft golds pinks and greens of the flowers, and touches of sparkling metallic gold and shiny pearl and gold beads make your pieces irresistable..! The set of needle-work accessories includes a Scissor’s Case, a Chatelaine, and a Sampler/Needleroll.
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Mini Purse Ornaments Leaflet
CDN $18.31
USD $14.65

Four tiny purse ornaments with the words of familiar Christmas carols. Stitch each sweet little purse shaped ornament for your own tree. The backs can be personalized with a name and the date using the Alphabet! Another tiny purse ornament is published in the 2012 issue of JCS. Get the "Merry Christmas" Tiny Pack, and the two Accessory Packs for this leaflet, so you can stitch all five Mini Purse Ornaments for your tree this year!
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Mini Purse AccPack
CDN $32.11
USD $25.69

Mini Purse Ornaments White Silk Floss Pack
CDN $11.22
USD $8.98

DMC #12 Perle Cotton #WHITE - 120M Pack
More Like This
CDN $4.02
USD $3.22


Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage Leaflet - Part 4 of Gingerbread Village
CDN $22.47
USD $17.98

Part 4 of the Gingerbread Village, the Gingerbread Cottage and Pinkeep are so cute, you’ll be tempted to take a bite! The Cottage is dripping with icing, has different coloured windows, and lots of decorations like delicious looking ‘candy’ Snow Buttons and tiny Gingerbread Men Buttons (included in Acc Pack). Display all pieces; the Candy Cane Cottage, Church, Stitching House and Tree Etui on your mantle for the Holidays!
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Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage AccPack
CDN $48.84
USD $39.07

Gingerbread Candy Cane Cottage White Floss Pack
CDN $16.74
USD $13.39

DMC #12 Perle Cotton #WHITE - 120M Pack
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CDN $4.02
USD $3.22

DMC #8 Perle Cotton #WHITE - 85M Pack
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CDN $4.02
USD $3.22


Oldfield Orchard Small Farm Sampler
CDN $18.31
USD $14.65

Collect the sixth of Thea's Small Farm series and stitch this new bountiful orchard sampler to celebrate your love of apples, peaches, plums, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and pears. You can even include the market stand with fragrant warm fruit pies. Come and sit under the cherry tree and sip some icy cold fruit nectar... ahhh..
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Oldfield Orchard AccPack
CDN $72.63
USD $58.10


Pansy Pincushion
CDN $21.32
USD $17.06

The second in Thea's Pincushion Series! A large and small design of adorable silk pansies are easily mounted in an elegant teacup and a demitasse cup, and comes complete with the cutest little teabag scissors-fob needlebooklet. The Acc Pack contains some 4mm silk ribbon, 5 silk flosses, over 50 pearls, teeny buttons, a handpainted butterfly charm, and at least 2 full yards of 13 mm overdyed silk ribbon, so you can make a whole bunch of silk pansies!
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Pansy Pincushion AccPack
CDN $40.14
USD $32.11


Love is Patient Sampler
CDN $21.32
USD $17.06

Stitch this gorgeous antique looking Sampler for your next wedding, birth, graduation, or anniversary! Elegant and timeless, yet full of modern touches, this is a beautiful sampler that anyone would want to display in their home with joy... a real celebration sampler!
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Love is Patient AccPack
CDN $62.87
USD $50.30

Soie Perlee Cream - 16m spool
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CDN $9.08
USD $7.26


Valentine Pincushion
CDN $26.76
USD $21.41

Start collecting Thea's new pincushion series.. starting with a beautiful heart shape just in time for Valentine's Day! She has used two different coloured linens; soft Baby Pink and Summer Khaki linens, complemented beautifully by the colours of the overdyed silks, beads, paillettes and beads...
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DMC #12 Perle Cotton #225 Shell Pink - 120M Pack
CDN $4.02
USD $3.22


Winter Holiday Sampler
CDN $21.37
USD $17.10

Wow.. a sampler inspired by snow! This beautiful sampler can be stitched and enjoyed all winter long. In this sampler, between bands of specialty stitches, flowers, and snowy white lace, people of all ages are shown playing and enjoying themselves outdoors; skiing on a high mountain, throwing snowballs, skating, and sleighing....
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Winter Holiday AccPack
CDN $59.66
USD $47.73

Winter Holiday White Silk Floss AccPack
CDN $16.55
USD $13.24


Gingerbread Church Leaflet - Part 3 of Gingerbread Village
CDN $29.46
USD $23.57

This beautiful Gingerbread Church is Thea's third addition to her ongoing "Gingerbread Village" series. Just like the Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Tree Etui, this delicious design has candy snow buttons, is dripping with white icing, and has glowing candy windows. Finishing is super easy... full instructions are included at the end of the leaflet.
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Gingerbread Church AccPack
CDN $67.84
USD $54.27

Gingerbread Church White Silk Floss AccPack
CDN $16.55
USD $13.24


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#157 Mothers and Daughters!

Stitch this antique looking family sampler that speaks of the special bond between parents and children. Thea has included a more general alphabet section to replace the section pictured on the model. It looks vintage, but there are specialty stitches, flowers and a modern colour scheme for the young at heart... click and scroll down for more