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Welcome to the Victoria Sampler!
Our hearts are with everyone during these challenging times. ❤️  In our own small way, we at The Victoria Sampler hope to offer some happiness with the joy of stitching. Lets take comfort in our chosen meditation, the actions with our needle help us stay grounded and open to our creativity.  Stay safe, and let's look at some VS stitching news!

"VS Chat Group" Facebook Stitching Community

Let's get together online! 😊 Come join us.  We have an active Facebook group called the “VS Chat Group” where we talk about our passion as we stitch together.

Stitch Along

The current free pattern we're stitching is called "GSG Snowglobe!" It is a mystery, and will result in a cute ornament or small framed piece with a Christmas themed Snowglobe! You will discover one installment a week of the pattern in the Files section of the FB group. Our chat group is a lot of fun and a positive place to connect and spend time. You’re welcome! Before you join, just make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules so we keep the group a comfortable place for all 😊 Happy Stitching!

Photo: "Harvest!" Installment 5 - stitching and photo by Barbara Lutomirska

Facebook Friday!

Facebook Fridays

Also be sure to check in on the VS Chat Group on Fridays at 9:30am Pacific Time for our "Facebook Friday" stream, where Thea and Lisa chat with you about Victoria Sampler Studios. It's always a good time! :D Come join us if you're able! And if you can't make it live you can still catch past episodes on our Youtube Channel!

Check our SALE page for any discounts on offer today!

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NEW Products!

We have some lovely new designs for you!
Just look under "NEW" in menu on home page.  

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Mary Kay Cammack

Mary Kay Cammack

Love this new format, so much easier and able to really see beautiful stitching! Thank you!

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