Facebook Friday with Thea and Lisa - Ep 076
Happy FB Friday everyone! May 1st.. start of a lovely spring month here in the Northwest. Today we're chatting about our week, our work, and that we're releasing 10 more patterns as Downloadable PDF's this weekend. We've shown the models throughout this stream. Wait for our little mailout to hit your inbox to find out more! Meanwhile, today's the start of the NEW Stitch Along for our lovely FB Chat group here.. this is absolutely free, and will be separated into 5 parts.. enjoy stitching the top this week! Look in the FILES of this group for the first chart! We look forward to seeing your choices of colours and fabrics!!

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Sandie Denklau

Sandie Denklau

I can only get May 1st and May 8th Facebook Fridays. GRRR!

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