Facebook Friday with Thea and Lisa - Ep 078

Welcome all! This week, Lisa's home on vacation, and I'm on my own. No problem it seems... I've become a very chatty person today, and hope that I didn't run on too long! Such a fascinating discussion about Specialty Stitches.. or Fancy Stitches... or "Sampler Stitches". it's good to hear that many of you have taught needlework to others already.. with or without formal training.. so glad to hear it!~ Also talked about masks, have you made any? Memorial Day in the USA inspires us to show the FIIVE Hearts of America leaflets.. 10 hearts in each leaflet, you can search for them all here: www.victoriasampler.com And showing the fourth part of our Stitch along free pattern.. enjoy your weekend.. and take care, be kind, and be safe!

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