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Welcome to Spring! Our hearts are with all those who are facing challenges during this time ❤️ In our own small way, we at The Victoria Sampler hope to offer some happiness with the joy of stitching. Let us take comfort in the celebration of renewal and spring's arrival together. We are here, working hard to bring you new designs and community spirit to brighten your days as we stitch together. Sending love from Victoria BC Canada, to wherever you are in the world. Stay safe, and let's look at some VS stitching news!

"VS Chat Group" Stitching Community

In this time of social isolation, let’s get together online! 😊 We have a wonderfully active Facebook group called the “VS Chat Group” where we talk about our passion as we stitch together.

Stitch Along

"Hello Spring!" Installment 1 - stitching and photo by Barbara Lutomirska

The current free pattern we're stitching is called "Hello Spring!" and is a lovely stroll in springtime nature. You can find all 5 installments in the Files section of the FB group. Our chat group is a lot of fun and a positive place to connect and spend time. You’re welcome! Before you join, just make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules so we keep the group a comfortable place for all 😊 Happy Stitching!

Photo: "Hello Spring!" Installment 1 - stitching and photo by Barbara Lutomirska

Facebook Friday!

Facebook Fridays

Also be sure to check in on the VS Chat Group on Friday's at 9:30am for our "Facebook Friday" stream, where Thea and Lisa stream live video and chat with you about all things stitching. It's always a good time :D come join us if you're able! And if you can't make it live you can still catch our past episodes on our website.

Spring Sale!

To get 15% off all selected items, use this Coupon CODE - “SPRINGSALE” - in the checkout window! See what’s on sale on our website - click on “SALE” in the main menu.

Join our Mailing List

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NEW! Products for Spring 2020!

We have some lovely new designs for you! Cats and hearts and music boxes to celebrate these warming days. We have 2 brand new patterns and 3 re-releases below. Enjoy!

I Love My Cat Leaflet

NEW! I Love My Cat Sampler

Stitch this adorable sampler dedicated to anyone who loves cats! In this original sampler, you can see a number of different cats. It was impossible to put all the cat breeds in one sampler, so do feel free to change the colouring of any of the cats to suggest the coat and color of your own precious pet(s). We hope you enjoy stitching this sampler for yourself or another cat lover.

Close at Heart Leaflet

NEW! Close at Heart

A Sampler/Needleroll, Scissor Fob and Needlebook

During Victorian times, ladies would often make stitched items, or buy small tokens of affection for their friends. These “Friendship Tokens” were usually exquisite little needlework accessories, like pincushions, scissor keeps, needlebooks or small painted items. This lovely set of four co-ordinating needlework accessories is an elegant addition to any needlework collection!

A Stitcher's Heart Leaflet

A Stitcher's Heart

Stitcher's Etui with Pocket, Needlebook, Needle Magnet, Scissor Keep and Scissor Fob

Fold this beautiful Stitcher’s Etui in half or open flat to display and use the attached accessories! Thea has chosen lovely threads in shades of blue, tans and gold, using beautiful over-dyed silks, silk flosses, and even some lustrous pearls and sparkling beads. You have lots of options with this design! Frame the pocket sampler in an exquisite little frame, or finish the accessories separately.

Keepsake Music Box Leaflet

Keepsake Music Box

Petite Music Box Top

This elegant project will really appeal to your love of fine things. The Hardanger is very easily mastered with our clear diagrams and instructions. The box can be used as a stitching box, jewelry box, or for those special treasures. The Keepsake Box Design is a great project to work on, something that has that old world charm and that personal touch but doesn't take long to make!

Heart Etui Leaflet

Heart Etui

Stitcher's Etui, Biscornu and Scissor Fob

Create this beautiful Heart Etui and matching Biscornu and Scissors Fob! The entire set is a symphony of Hardanger Lace, sparkling beads, and beautiful Buillion Knot roses made of luscious silk flosses and Perle Cottons. I hope you have fun learning and stitching this elegant design and practicing your Hardanger weaving. When it’s finished, take it with you to your future retreats or display and use it in your own home!

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Mary Kay Cammack

Mary Kay Cammack

Love this new format, so much easier and able to really see beautiful stitching! Thank you!

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