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NEW!! Designs for the New Year!..Thea's latest Designs

#156 - "Loving Friends!"  An exquisite design for an exquisite music box! This design is lovely framed and hung on your wall, or you can stitch and mount it easily in a box for extra easy finishing! The Hardanger and Drawn Thread areas will make this an heirloom piece for a bride or family member to keep for future generations. Learn how to create the stitching and even the finishing of the box and pincushion and fob by getting the matching DVD... easy videos help you through all the finishing steps
Limited edition of the FULL student kits are still available.. including linen, thread pack, Music Box and leaflet.. and the DVD. 

  #157 - "Mothers and Daughters" -  . This special bond that spans the years Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears, A sense of trust that can’t be broken A depth of love at times unspoken, A lifelong friendship built on sharing, Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring... Stitch this antique looking family sampler that speaks of the love between parents and children. Thea has ncluded a more general alphabet section to replace the section pictured on the model. There are specialty stitches, flowers and a modern colour scheme for the young at heart.

#158 - "Valentine Cupcakes" -  Bake some delicious and romantic chocolate and vanilla Cupcakes for your loved ones this year! They are just the cutest token of your love to put on a plate and decorate your table! The tops are all stitched with either white or dark red Perle Cotton using a simple blanket stitch, and one even has real Hardanger although you can also substitute plain satin stitches without cutting for simplicity. The charming cherubs hearts, red silicone baking cups, and chocolate strawberry buttons are in the Acc Pack!

#TAP 44 -"One More Stitch" Tiny Pack  We still have a few stocking Tiny Packs from last year’s JCS Xmas ornament magazine. It is called “Just One More Stitch”. Look for it so you can stitch all four stockings!

New January - February Newsletter

CJVS73 & 74 - Down Jingle Pot Road 1 & 2  byCathy Jean  
NEW! C ollect this new series of ornaments with the sound of Christmas! There are now two charts so you can collect them all!  Jingle Pot Road is the name of a real road right in the middle of rural Vancouver Island. You will see ornaments with frosty hillsides, white snow on tree branches, smoke meandering from chimneys, big brown cows and chickens perched on fat wooly sheep. In the Accessory Pack, you’ll find all the overdyed cottons, some extra beads, buttons, and jute for hangers!

- Down Jingle Pot Road Tiny Pack
Collect the first ornament in the Jingle Pot Road Series found in the JCS Xmas Ornament issue for 2014!  This Limited Edition Tiny Pack contains all the overdyed cottons, the metallic braid, and metallic red JINGLE BELLS needed to stitch and finish this cute Mini Stocking.  Limited quantities available

LR09 - Christmas Biscornuments - Linda
Linda's not designing right now, so we are reminding you of her previous Christmas ornaments designs this time! Stitch these adorable and simple to stitch tiny Biscornu for your smaller tree this Christmas!  You too can create the tiny silk ribbon roses, lazy daisy flowers, tiny trees, and festive gifts using the gorgeous overdyed silks, some silk flosses, sparkling metallics and pretty beads in the Accessory Pack.. simply lovely

Stitcherama Webcast Classes!  Learn new stitches while having fun together online! Take a webcast class featuring one of Thea's exclusive designs. Class participation is easy and the Student Kit will be mailed to you a month before class time. Watch one of Thea's upcoming free VSNews Webcasts, so you can see how the technology works for you! More Stitcheramas coming soon!
Free Patterns!  Check out Thea's Free Patterns! This g orgeous pink one is Sam's interpretation of the Humbug at the top of the list. Also in menu you can find other features like the Cyberclasses, Stitcherama Classes, Animated Stitches and Thea's Teaching lists. You can also find our VS Trunk Shows, the Newsletter and our VS Stitcherama Facebook and  Yahoo Groups... enjoy!

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TAP42 Baby Cardinal Ornament!

Cathy Jean's newest JCS ornament is stitched on a red checked heart shape with jute hanger and handmade branch buttons. Enjoy stitching this little baby carinal! This one only shows the little baby cardinal with the word 'faith' beside him as he's sitting on his branch, contemplating flying for the first time. This design is stitched ... more