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NEW! Tulip Terrace Pillow Student Kit -  
See Videos in our Facebook Home Study Group!
  a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend 
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Designs for June 2017! ...Thea's latest Designs

NEW!  #184 Sister Sampler!  “Whether together or far apart, you are the sister of my Heart." Stitch this beautiful feminine and heartfelt “Sister” Sampler! Elegant and timeless, yet fitting more modern decor, this sampler is just the thing to celebrate your own sister, or those who are sisters of your heart. You will enjoy stitching bands of specialty stitches, flowers, and lovely Hardanger lace, as you work with the overdyed silk flosses chosen for their joy and happy feelings.

NEW!  #183 Stitching Under the Oaks! Needlepocket and Smalls were designed to convey that sense of loving cameraderie we feel as we stitch together. It is stitched on a light blue cashel linen with lovely silk flosses, to reflect the beautiful blue skies and bright colours of Florida. The alligator charms are a whimsical touch. You will find many additional specialty stitches and tidbits on both the front and the BACK of this pocket and you can go to our Youtube Channel to find some helpful videos!

NEW!  #180 July,
#181 August, and
#182 September
Birthday Samplers!
 Remember someone's birthday by stitching this little sampler. Featuring a Birthstone Heart stitched in sparkling metallic thread, and a medallion and tiny garden showing the appropriate birth flowers, this design is dedicated to all those special people who are born in July!

New   June - July  Newsletter

HS03-SK "Stitching Under the Oaks" Student Kit!  
Home Study Course! Get the exclusive Student Kit from us to stitch the Pocket and Needle Smalls and finish them as a lovely set of Needlework Smalls! This full kit contains the Leaflet, Accessory Pack, Linen Pack, Finishing Pack and needles needed to complete this project. Register for our dedicated Facebook Home Study Group to enjoy stitching with others and view our Stitch and Finishing Videos!

Ocean Boulevard!  
This beautiful imaginary beach walk has some sweet beach houses built right near the surf. They are surrounded by gardens full of flowers, grasses, and even a white picket fence. You can stitch and imagine yourself walking along this beach, sand in your sandals, kids playing ball, with the sound of the surf soothing your soul. Enjoy stitching this wonderful Beach design to hang in your home or cottage while you dream of sand and sunshine!

#177 Cherry Blossom Cottage!  This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage to help you dream of Springtime by the sea! Surrounded by a bountiful garden full of daffodils, primroses and tulips, and white clematis flowers covering the wall. The Weeping Willow turns pale green with new buds and the little Cherry Tree drops its blossoms as you sit on the front porch watching the grass grow. Stitch this little dream cottage as the whitecaps dance on the blue ocean.. ahh Bliss!

#172 "Pumpkin Cottage" Sampler  Third in the Cottage Series! This sweet pumpkin cottage brings out all the colours we associate with Autumn, Halloween or Thanksgiving. The orange pumpkins make a colourful contrast with the lilac cottage, the yellow sand, white fencing and the black roofs. There is an Accessory Pack of silk threads and pumpkin buttons for your convenience. Hang in your home or cottage to remind you of fun times past, present or yet to come!

#164 - "Winter Cottage" Second in the Cottage Series! Spend some time stitching this beautiful little Winter Cottage! You can hang it atyour own cottage, or in your home to remind you of those special days when "Wintry Days bring Snow and Fun". This scene makes me long for those hushed winter days spent in nature, in the pure sparkling snow. The linen used is a perfect dark grey-blue, to evoke a dark and snowy winter sky! Stitch this new Cottage to hang next t o your Beach Cottage this winter.. !

#160 - "Beach Cottage" First in the Cottage Series! This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage while you dream of sand and sunshine! This beautiful beach retreat is surrounded by a bountiful garden full of flowers, grasses, roses and a white picket fence, truly your ideal beach getaway. Stitched on light blue linen with lovely summery colours, you'll love stitching it this summer to bring this project to life!

New   June - July  Newsletter

CJVS50 Button Up Birdies byCathy Jean 
Savor the joy of earth’s beauty, and live in the moment! The beautiful Hollyhocks, Morning Glory, Cone Flowers, and Lavender with colourful Zinnias and Sunflowers just make you smile. This sampler is full of gratitude for our garden blessings. The Victoria Sampler provides the “Laughing in Flowers” Accessory Pack. It includes overdyed silks and cottons, plus beads and buttons to enhance the scene. Enjoy stitching!

CJVS68 Woodland Birdies  - Cathy Jean's Tartlet Chart with the cutest little Woodland Birdies! Stitch Cathy's baby Owl, Quail and Woodpecker for your tree, and add to your collection of Tartlets! All of them are sitting in the snow, waiting for Christmas, surrounded by a wreath of fir boughs separated by tiny red buttons. All ornaments are quick and easy to stitch and finish in our Tartlet Tins

LR13 - French Lavender  - Linda
Oh, You'll love this beautiful new Summer Welcome Banner! The little blossoms on the elegant alphabet letters really speak of home and a generous hospitality. The colours are soft and antique looking, overdyed silks make this piece an instant heirloom. The frame around the letters include a beautiful vine with some specialty stitch flowers in matching colours, herringbone stitches and plait stitches, four corners of satin stitches with sweet floral buttons, and some lovely drawn thread bands as the piece de resistance of the whole banner.

Learning with videos and Animations! 
Have some fun learning new stitches with Thea's informal VS-Home Study Facebook Group classroom videos. Learn how to work specialty stitches of the featured design, and our great finishing techniques to make Thea's designs come alive. What a fun way to learn!
Click on this link to Buy Full Student Kits for these exclusive Home Study designs!

Click here to subscribe to our NEW Victoria Sampler YOUTUBE Channel!  We have launched a new Youtube Channel for your enjoyment! Enjoy stitching with us as you learn how to make the designs and projects shown in the "Home Study" or "Previous Designs" sections. There is also a section organized in Alphabetical order of Stitches; a section for Hardanger stitches only; and a section for previous Live Webcast Classes recordings.  Spend some time browing through..!

Free Patterns and Stitch Animations are on our website!  Also in menu you can find other features like the Cyberclasses, Stitcherama Classes, Animated Stitches and Thea's Teaching lists. You can also find the Newsletter and our Victoria Sampler CHAT Group on Facebook and  Yahoo Groups... enjoy!

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#166 "Child of my Child" Sampler!

Stitch this lively and classic “Child of my Child” Sampler to celebrate your love for your grandchildren! Elegant and timeless, yet perfect for modern decor, this is a celebration sampler that both grand-parents and grand-children will want to display in their home with joy! ... click and scroll down for more