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NEW! Gingerbread Flower Shop
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  a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend 
Buy Student Kit now.. while supplies last! 

Designs/products for June 2018! ...Thea's latest Designs

 NEW!  HS08-SK Introduction to Hardanger! StitchStitch these two beautiful pillows designed to learn Beginner's Hardanger! Buy this exclusive Student Kit from us to Stitch and Finish the Rose Pillow and Pincushion! This full kit contains the Leaflet, Accessory Pack, Linen Pack with needles (with optional tea-dyeing instructions).  Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to enjoy stitching with others and view our Stitch and Finishing Videos! (No Finishing Pack included in this Kit.)

NEW!  HS09-SK unflower Cottage Pillow! Stitch and Finish this sweet little Sunflower Cottage Sampler and learn more specialty stitches! This exclusive design is part of a series of learning samplers. This full kit contains the Leaflet, Accessory Pack, Linen Pack, Finishing Pack and needles needed to complete this project. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel to enjoy stitching with others and view our Stitch and Finishing Videos

#197 Celebrate Sampler Leaflet and Pack!  It’s party time! If you’ve always wanted to stitch something to celebrate the fun and joy of life, stitch this one..! We've charted two bands for the lettering: “Happy Birthday” with musical notes, or the word “Celebrate” with stars! Frame or finish as a bellpull and give the gift of stitching to your family or friends on their special days. Your unique gift of beautiful stitching will be a wonderful souvenir of their celebration they can enjoy for years to come!   

#194 April,
#195 May, and
#196 June
Remember someone's birthday by stitching them a little sampler featuring a Birthstone Heart stitched in sparkling metallic thread, and tiny garden showing the appropriate birth flowers. A quick gift!

 HS07-SK Gingerbread Flower Shop KIT ! This little Gingerbread Flower Shop looks positively European with its striped awnings and colourful floral display! At the front of the shop you’ll see buckets full of cut flowers, a topiary tree with French Knot blossoms, a potted Sunflower and Xmas Tree, while the shopkeeper brings out a flat of forgetmenots. more details on the sides and back. 'How-to' Stitch and Finishing Videos available on our Youtube Channel, but finishing instructions and colour photos are also included at the end of this leaflet.

#K-ZFrame Lap Frame Buy this beautiful Lap-Frame to allow complete open-sided stitching! The secret is the double jointed pivot arm. This unique design allows you to adjust the height of the frame from 4" to 10" depending on your preference. The Z arm also allows for complete open-sided stitching for comfort and easy Just pivot the entire frame for left handers. Comes with 16 inch long scroll rods, with options to add 10" or 12" scroll rods to your order. (comes without clamp). 


#189 Village Xmas Tree!
  Sitch this delightful three-dimensional Accessory to add atmosphere to your Gingerbread Village! Stitch more than one: some with decorations to place near your favorite buildings, and some without decorations, to suggest a forest around your scene. You will be stitching with yummy silk flosses, on various green linens. Finishing instructions and colour photos are included at the end of this leaflet! (click and scroll down page to product #)

#177 Cherry Blossom Cottage Sampler!  This is is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage to help you dream of Springtime by the sea! Surrounded by a bountiful garden full of daffodils, primroses and tulips, and climbing white clematis flowers covering the wall. The Weeping Willow turns pale green with new buds and the little Cherry Tree drops its blossoms as you sit on the front porch watching the grass grow. All you have to do is weed your little garden, as the whitecaps dance on the blue ocean.. ahh Bliss! (click and scroll down page to product #)

#173 Hydrangea Sampler  We love Hydrangeas! This exquisite sampler celebrates the bountiful blue Hydrangea in colours of sky blue, gold, green, indigo blue and pink. The first of what will be a collection of lovely little samplers focused on cottages and garden flowers, this sampler is stitched with luscious over-dyed silks, silk flosses, metallic, and sparkling beads. Follow oSubmit ur clear and simple diagrams included in this leaflet and enjoy the journey to Hydrangea House! (click and scroll down page to product #)

#159 "Easter Egg Hunt" Sampler  We’re on the hunt for yummy chocolate and candy eggs the Easter Bunny left us.. What fun and laughter, as children run all over in heady anticipation of their treasures! The dividing bands between the panels are also in on the fun; flowers, painted eggs, baskets, daffodils, hyacinths and drawn thread.. and the optional Hardanger flower motif below.. stitch this joyful sampler, now to remind you of fun times past, present or yet to come!

#193 - "Button Sampler" Celebrate your love of buttons and sttich this adorable pastel “Button” Sampler! There are over 15 places to add buttons sprinkled among the floral motifs, lettering, Hardanger, and other specialty stitches! You can use some of your own antique buttons to add a personal touch, but all the buttons you see pictured, are in the Button Accessory Pack!

#160 - "Beach Cottage" Dreams are made of Sand and Sun!  This is a perfect design to hang in your home or cottage while you dream of sand and sunshine this coming summer! This beautiful beach retreat is surrounded by a bountiful garden full of flowers, grasses, roses and a white picket fence, truly your ideal beach getaway. Stitched on light blue linen with lovely summery colours, you'll love stitching it this summer to bring this project to life!

Thea's Latest  Newsletter

CJVS66 Button Up Birdies #9  - Cathy Jean's addition to her best selling ‘Button-up Birdies’ series starting with #52. If you do all 18 birdies, your Christmas tree will be covered with more of these adorable avian ornaments! Two more bird ornaments featured in this ninth Button Up Birdies leaflet. Acc Pack contains handmade buttons and black curly wire so you can finish yours the same as Cathy Jean did!

LR13 - French Lavender Pillows - Linda
This leaflet contains two of the loveliest little Needle Pillows you’ve ever seen! Fill your home with lavender scents year round with these beautiful little sachets. Each one is stitched with beautiful fibers in delicate colours, and divided by couched overdyed silk ribbons. Each pillow has some overdyed blue silk ribbon couched to separate the different sections.You will love to make several for yourself and your friends!

Learning with videos and Animations! 
Have some fun learning new stitches with Thea's informal Youtube Videos. Learn how to work specialty stitches of the featured design, and our great finishing techniques to make Thea's designs come alive. What a fun way to learn!
Click on this link to Buy these Student Kits for these exclusive Home Study designs featured on Youtube!

Subscribe to our NEW Victoria Sampler YOUTUBE Channel !  We have launched a new Youtube Channel for your enjoyment and needlework education! Enjoy stitching with us as you learn how to make the designs and projects shown in the "Home Study" sections in the Youtube Channel.   Spend some time browing through..!

Free Patterns and Stitch Animations Look for other features on our website like the VS Retreat, Tools and Frames, Home Study Kits, Bellpull Hardware, Canadian Designs, Animated Stitches and Thea's Teaching schedule.

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#167 "Tea Roses" Pincushion!

The fifth in the Victorian Pincushion Series is this classic beauty! It is easy to stitch, and you can embellish it with charms, lace, and special pins to make it your own! There are excellent photo finishing instructions... ... click and scroll down for more