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Dear Stitchers!  

A quick newsletter to update you on Victoria Sampler. Lisa and I are running Victoria Sampler ourselves now. All our wonderful employees have found new pursuits, and we treasure memories of their times with us. We are still in business, but our office is much emptier since we are no longer making Acc Packs or Kits. :-) However, we still have our entire LIBRARY of Designs available! You can get them on our website, as either printed charts that will be mailed to you, or as downloadable PDF's for your convenience. Don't forget our Creative Designs and our Mini Patterns available only as PDF's

Also, our Needlework Courses are also still going strong! Read all about the 8 different courses and their end dates here:

  • Introduction to Cross Stitching on Linen
  • Six Courses in successive levels of difficulty.. Beyond Cross Stitch!
  • Introduction to Hardanger for the Beginner!

Come to our Website, and browse through all the special Collections in our Catalogue! We've now sold out of all our Accessory Packs and will no longer be making them. However, there is a FAQ on our website, where you can find some useful conversion charts.

Much love to you all, Thea

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