Christmas Ornament Designs

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Biscornuments - 5 Mini Ornaments Chart
Button Up for Christmas #1 Chart
Gingerbread Mini-Stocking Ornaments Leaflet
The Victoria Sampler - BCS 1-04 O, Christmas Tree Student Kit  - needlework design company
The Victoria Sampler - Gingerbread "Merry Christmas" Ornaments Leaflet  - needlework design company
Button Up Your Heart Chart
Baby's First Christmas (Downloadable PDF)
Gingerbread Cookie Ornament (Downloadable PDF)
Down Jingle Pot Road 1 Chart
The Victoria Sampler - Christmas Spools Chart  - needlework design company
Linda Christmas Spools Chart
A partir de $13.20
Gingerbread Wreath Cupcake (Downloadable PDF)
Gingerbread "Quilty" Ornaments Leaflet
Snow Babies #1 Chart
Christmas Virtues I Ornaments Leaflet - Part 1 of 2
Down Jingle Pot Road 2 Chart
Gingerbread Cookies Leaflet
Noel Sampler Leaflet
Thea Noel Sampler Leaflet
A partir de $10.82
Button Up for Christmas #2 Chart
The Victoria Sampler - Christmas Gift Ornaments Chart  - needlework design company
Christmas Hearts Sampler Leaflet
Rose Snowflake Ornament (Downloadable PDF)
Gazebo Tuffet (Downloadable PDF)
Button Up for Christmas #4 Chart

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