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The VS Chat Group is a Facebook group dedicated to discussions of Victoria Sampler projects! You are welcome! :) Please feel free to join and participate often by 'liking' others or posting your progress and happy dance photos of Victoria Sampler related projects, and other topics. We invite you to participate by sharing your enjoyment of VS designs and classes as well as any other general stitching history, hints and tricks!

We are so very proud of everyone who shares their accomplishments with their Victoria Sampler projects. Each person has spent many hours in its completion, so we applaud their work. Every stitcher has taken the energy, courage and time to stitch something which gives them a very personal & rewarding experience. So, in this wonderful world of The Victoria Sampler Chat Group, be kind to one another, and encourage one another to reach new and exciting creative goals!


If you want to join this group, please answer the questions when signing up so we can weed out bots. Also, we only approve members who have requested membership themselves, so get your friends to look us up and have them ask to join so they can answer their own questions.

This is not a place to buy and sell. It is also not a place to share, swap or discuss how much you paid for your latest VS pattern. It is a family friendly environment for all. Please help keep our group free of unsavory or controversial subjects like politics and religion.

If you find that sensible guidelines are not being met, OR you see a post that you think is out of line, or against the spirit of the group, please click on the three dots, or down arrow, next to the post in question, and choose "Report to Admin" to alert myself or one of our 4 moderators. WE will decide how to deal with reported posts PRIVATELY. In unusual circumstance, we will remove a member from our group.

Admin: Thea Dueck
Moderators: Lorraine Paul, Sandy Werbitsky, Norma Ferro, Joy Straw, Michele Salzer, and Lisa Archer.