Welcome to the 2024 Free Pattern of the Month!

Embark on a charming stitching journey with our 2024 VS Free Pattern of the Month: the lovely July Cottage. This delightful pattern features a vibrant blue cottage with a red door, situated in a yard bursting with flowers and a patriotic flag, all shaded by a lovely tree and complemented by birds flying under a clear summer sky.

Download Now and start your journey with the July Cottage, a celebration of summer's approach and it's playful spirit.

July 2024 VS Free Cottage Pattern of the Month

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Celebrate your love for stitching, share your experiences, and inspire others as we all create beautiful tapestries stitch by stitch. Dive into the world of free cross stitch patterns with the April Cottage and discover the joy of bringing your project to life alongside a supportive community.

Your next creative adventure begins here. Happy stitching!